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Asmwsoft PC Optimizer 12.1

Optimize and customize your system's performance
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Perform all kinds of system maintenance and optimization operations. Remove junk files and zero size elements, free up space, check out the registry for possible errors, ensure the privacy of processes and programs. Optionally, integrate various plug-ins.

Asmwsoft OneClick Optimizer is a suite of more than twenty system tools for optimizing, tweaking, cleaning, repairing and analyzing files. This package is useful for getting your PC back to its factory settings, which have gradually been lost with the use of the system and the installation of new software.

The product's interface aims to integrate all the tools and make them accessible from a kind of dashboard. Unfortunately, however, you may notice that each tool opens in a separate window. Thus, you will find it uncomfortable to move repeatedly back and forth from one window to the other. In this sense, the interface layout looks old-fashioned compared to other similar suites, which rely on the use of tabs instead of modal windows.

The great advantage of the product lies in the large number of system areas that you can scan and optimize. For example, you can control which applications run automatically at system startup, manage processes, delete obsolete files, fix registry problems and optimize your Internet connection.

You may also find useful tools specifically designed to work with files, which allow encrypting, decrypting, splitting and merging files. There are also other tools for general use, such as those that allow you to wipe out content from your computer, manage fonts, make copies of the registry and scan the hard disk. Finally, you have the opportunity to explore information about the system, including installed hardware, software, devices, memory and drivers.

Unfortunately, the suite does not contain many tools that do their job automatically, so user intervention is required on too many occasions. While the advanced user will probably welcome this opportunity, the less proficient user may be left at a loss as to what to do, or worse, or may make the worst decision. Fortunately, there is the ability to schedule tasks. However, it is limited to general maintenance tasks only.

To summarize, Asmwsoft OneClick Optimizer encompasses multiple tools to optimize the system, erase tracks of your internet activity and clean the disks of unnecessary data. I must warn you that it is probably not the best choice among programs of its kind if we pay attention to some benchmark tests performed by various experts. The product has a trial version limited to a few days. Once the term expires, if you are pleased, you should purchase the full version, which is reasonably priced.

Pedro Castro
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  • Contains a wide variety of tools covering multiple system areas
  • Allows manual correction of problems
  • Allows scheduling general maintenance tasks
  • Contains tools to manage files
  • Contributes to your privacy


  • Workflow with the cumbersome interface
  • Few tools that do their job automatically
  • Task scheduler limited to general maintenance
  • Below-average performance in benchmark tests
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